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Svr Clairial Night Peel 50ml

Svr Clairial Night Peel 50ml

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Svr Clairial Night Peel 50ml is a daily care with peeling action that since the first application leads to a more clearer and radiant skin. With an innovating and easy form of application, night after night, it reduces brown spots promoting, in effect, a more homogeneous skin. Formulated with a depigment complex that acts in all steps of melanogenesis, SVR Clairial Night Peel is capable of acting in all types of brown spots. Besides, its unique formula combines a keratolytic action with softness, being suitable for all skin types including sensitive. 

How to use:

Apply SVR Clairial Night Peel in the evening, with a single brush stroke in a thin layer. Massage with fingertips until complete absorption.

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